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WIPs for 2020 – Notes from the Author’s Desk

Welcome to a new feature I’m doing this year during the last week of each month. The topics of Notes from the Author’s Desk will vary. Sometimes it will be fascinating research I’ve discovered, exciting writing updates I want to share, or just something reading related. I’ve left this open as a sort of whatever… Continue reading WIPs for 2020 – Notes from the Author’s Desk

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Rejection: Confession of an Aspiring Author

So I had intended to post my review of Yours Truly, Thomas this week, but God woke me up at 2:30 in the morning and wouldn’t let me go until I wrote this…and I think it will apply to everyone out there on some level. So in case you are feeling rejected, unworthy, and unwanted,… Continue reading Rejection: Confession of an Aspiring Author

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Top Ten Books On My TBR Pile

Just like every Bibliophile, I have a TBR pile that can fill a library… and quite literally it does. My basement has no less than 10 bookcases packed tight. Of course I’ve read about a fourth… maybe more like a fifth of them. So there are plenty waiting to be read. These are the books… Continue reading Top Ten Books On My TBR Pile

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When Life Interrupts

As a writer, it is inevitable that life will interrupt. Whether it be piles of laundry and your kids reminding you they had to wear the same pair of underwear three times this week (hasn’t happened yet this month, but we’ve come close), or it being something more dramatic. For me, it has been the… Continue reading When Life Interrupts

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You’re Invited to Join the Journey

Are you interested in an author’s writing journey? Do you want to interact and be a part of that journey on a regular basis? I have created a Facebook group called Crystal’s Creative Cohorts so that I can be more interactive with you on a regular basis. While blogging and my newsletters are great, they… Continue reading You’re Invited to Join the Journey

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God’s Still, Small Voice

Often times for Christian authors writing for the CBA market look at the story’s spiritual elements and character spiritual arcs. As I was reading one of my critique partners stories, she worried about what message God was trying to give her story. Her characters didn’t have any of the normal spiritual strengths she was used… Continue reading God’s Still, Small Voice

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Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat 2019

I know, it’s a year away, but registration is OPEN for the amazing Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat taking place in Washington, D.C. April 5-6, 2019.   If you are able, I highly recommend attending this event. The information below comes from the Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat Page. Please visit them for more information and register… Continue reading Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat 2019