Writing Prompt Wednesday: Harold

Each Wednesday I will be posting a writing prompt to help the juices flow and to practice whatever skill I have introduced this week.


This week we explored the basics of GMC. Therefore, with today’s writing prompt, I want you to take the character Harold and develop an internal and/or external GMC for him.


Harold: What You Need to Know

Harold is based off an elderly gentleman I have seen on numerous occasions at a German restaurant near my home. Every night of the week, a gentleman comes to play the accordion and some traditional German music. Harold goes around selecting willing women of all ages to dance with him on the dance floor. He is an excellent dancer and leads even the most novice of dancers through whatever moves he decides upon. Often, I can see him mumbling the words to the song even though they are German and I for one have no clue what they mean. I know nothing more than that, but every time I see him my mind swirls with story ideas.

My off the cuff example:



Your Turn:

What story does Harold inspire in you? The great thing about writers, no two ideas are the same! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say:



External Goal:

External Motivation:

External Conflict:

Internal Goal:

Internal Motivation:

Internal Conflict:


Happy writing!


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